Mystic Worlds 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Mystic Worlds competition to pick the winners at the 2015 world rowing championships.

The absence of Regatta Radio this year made it tricky to do Mystic Henley (I really do need someone to put up a decent prize for that one, doesn't work otherwise). However, the fabulous and record crew entry numbers at the Aiguebelette world championships has persuaded me to have a go at Mystic Worlds 2015.
The Mystic competition has now ended.

The prize?
The prize was the bragging rights of being the best predictor of 26 events at the 2015 world championships. Plus a t-shirt signed by as many gold medallists as I could get to help, and all the GB medallists as well.

How does it work?

  1. We filled the entries into the website (DONE)
  2. You logged in and picked crews you thought would win gold (DONE)
  3. The Charts showed which crews were being picked most often
  4. You were able to change your choices any number of times until the closing deadline (DONE)
  5. Then the site froze, and we started watching the leaderboard to see which players had the most crews surviving the medal races (DONE)
  6. Whoever picked the most winning crews became Mystic Worlds champion. (DONE)

When did it close?
The closing deadline was 16:40 local time (GMT+2) in Aiguebelette on Thursday 3 September, which is when the first para-rowing final began.

Everyone in the world was eligible to play the game, including competitors at the regatta, organisers and previous Mystic winners. The administrator is the only person who does not play.

Previous players please note - you do NOT need to re-register again: if you can remember your previous login and password, just use them again this year.


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Roll of Honour - previous winners

2015Mystic worlds@idleePeter Lee
2014Mystic worlds@hadcroftAndy Hadcroft
2014Mystic Henley @hgfdsGail & Scott Devereux
2013Mystic Henley@abingdonbearRory Copus
2012Mystic Games@crispusIain Charlton
2012Mystic Henley@ediblecrayonsJack Ewans
2011Mystic Henley@OSBallOscar Schonfeld
2010Mystic Worlds(recordslost)
2010Mystic Henley@DT17Zoe de Toledo
2009Mystic Worlds@TucoChris Gregory
2009Mystic Henley@Oxford_OracleAndy Green
2008Mystic Henley@aberdalgieColin Williamson
2007Mystic Henley@edible_crayonsJack Ewans