Mystic Worlds 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Mystic Worlds competition to pick the winners at the 2014 world rowing championships.

Mystic Henley 2014 is over, and was won by @hgfds, also known as Gail & Scott Devereux, who just happen to be the clever parents of even more clever Seb Devereux, Prince of Wales winner this year for Leander. Neat!

Whoever picks the most winning crews each year becomes Mystic Worlds champion. This year the prize is again going to be an Amazon gift token, the value being decided by how many full players are registered by the time Mystic entries close. The token will be £0.50 multiplied by the number of registered players (who have chosen a full set of crews and provided ID details), and will be converted into the equivalent for non-UK players before it is delivered electronically.

Everyone in the world is eligible to play the game, including competitors at the regatta, organisers and previous Mystic winners. The administrator is the only person who does not play.

Don't worry if you don't know much about the events - just click on Charts to see which crews everyone else is backing and then decide if you believe them.

Previous players please note - you do NOT need to re-register again: if you can remember your previous login and password, just use them again this year.

We plan to offer Mystic Mystic Henley and Mystic Worlds again during 2015, so if you did not take part in 2014, see you next year.

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Roll of Honour - previous winners

2014Mystic Henley @hgfdsGail & Scott Devereux
2013Mystic Henley@abingdonbearRory Copus
2012Mystic Games@crispusIain Charlton
2012Mystic Henley@ediblecrayonsJack Ewans
2011Mystic Henley@OSBallOscar Schonfeld
2010Mystic Worlds(recordslost)
2010Mystic Henley@DT17Zoe de Toledo
2009Mystic Worlds@TucoChris Gregory
2009Mystic Henley@Oxford_OracleAndy Green
2008Mystic Henley@aberdalgieColin Williamson
2007Mystic Henley@edible_crayonsJack Ewans